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WHAT IS A 4506-C?
The IRS Form 4506-C is the form that must be completed to request a transcript (summary) of your tax return or other tax documentation from the IRS. The IRS processes the request and then returns a transcript to TaxDox electronically. Transcripts from the IRS can be used to apply for loans, student financial aid, or otherwise provide income verification.

In order for this form to be processed, it must have certain information. It needs the personal information of the person who is requesting the copy of tax return information in order to verify their identity. It also needs information about what type of tax transcript is requested and what tax year the tax information is from.

Once you complete payment checkout in TaxDox, you will be directed to an eSign IRS Form 4506-C Request for Transcript. To complete the 4506-C, you will need to following information:
  • Taxpayer Name (as reported on the original tax return)
  • Taxpayer Social Security Number
  • Taxpayer Address- Use the address where the taxpayer lived when the return was originally filed to avoid rejects.
  • Year or period for which you’re requesting the transcript, eg. 12/31/2018, 12/31/2017, 12/31/2016, etc.
  • Signature
  • Phone Number
TaxDox will prepopulate data on the 4506-C based on your selections during checkout. Once you have completed your data entry on the eSign form, click on the yellow “Sign” button. Review the form to make sure all the information is accurate, then click the yellow “Finish” button. You will receive a confirmation email letting you know your 4506-C has been received and is being processed. In a few shot days we’ll notify you that your order have been completed and your Transcript is ready for download from TaxDox.

IRS Reject Codes: Description:
1 - Problem with taxpayer/business name or SSN/EEIN Taxpayer name and/or SSN is altered, illegible, missing, incomplete, or invalid; Business name and/or EIN is altered, illegible, missing, incomplete, or invalid.
2 - Problem with taxpayer address Altered, illegible, missing, incomplete, invalid, or two addresses present on line 3 and/or line 4.
3 - Problem with Line 5 Some or all of the following information is altered, illegible, missing, incomplete, or appears to be a label: Name (often business name) or two business names listed without DBA or C/O, Address, Participant ID Number, Batch ID or Individual ID, 2 addresses listed
4 - Problem with SOR/Mailbox Altered, illegible, missing, incomplete, or invalid
5 - Problem with product requested Line 6 is altered, illegible, missing, incomplete, or invalid; Box 6a, 6b, 6c, 8 is blank; Box 7 is checked; Line 9 is altered illegible, missing, incomplete, or invalid; POA documentation does not authorize forms, products or years requested.
6 - Problem with signature/title Altered, illegible, missing, incomplete, or invalid; Business title for signing person is not present or valid.
7 - Problem with signature date Altered, illegible, missing, incomplete; Expired or postdated
8 - Illegible information on form Information on form is illegible
9 - Altered information on form 10 - Information on form is altered

In less than a few minutes, you can be on your way to obtaining a copy of your Record of Account Transcript. All you need to do is create an account and login. Once you have completed the payment checkout process, we will guide you through filling out an IRS Form 4506-C Request for Transcript. Once that’s completed, we'll handle the rest. In a few short days, we'll notify you that your order has been completed!

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